Beaumont Rag

As played by Eck Robertson from the Texas region

Rag in F

From the Eck Robertson Collection

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Field Recording Released on Album Eck Robertson: Famous Cowboy Fiddler (download the album here, or just the MP3 of Beaumont Rag at Slippery-Hill)


This is the quintessential Texas fiddle tune, as played by one of the greatest fiddlers Texas ever produced. According to the book Prairie Nights to Neon Lights: The Story of Country Music in West Texas, Robertson would win contests playing this tune.  It quotes Bob Wills (the famous Western Swing musician) as stating that this was one of Robertson's best tunes.

As expected of a contesting-winning tune from a fiddle luminary, this is not an easy tune.  It goes up to a high F in the C part, way up over the fiddle body.  The trick to playing the C part is to slide up to the high C on the E string with your index finger.  Play the high Ds with your middle finger, and play the high Es and Fs with your ring finger.

Despite the difficulty, this tune is well worth learning.  This is one tune that I have taken the time to add to my repertoire over the past few weeks.

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