Ragtime Annie

As played by Bobby Kerns from the Alabama region

Rag in D

From the Bobby Kerns Collection

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A YouTube video of Bobby Kerns

Here's Bobby Kern's version of Ragtime Annie, and like all his versions, it's a great one. In the third line of the B part, he did a really cool slide from a D chord to a C chord. Watch the YouTube video below to get an idea of how he did it. I'm afraid I couldn't make it sound right in a timely fashion, so I didn't do it in my recording.

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Dr. Fiddle's Favorite Rags

Ragtime Annie

dan grammer 2014-01-12 20:44:08
A great example of playing with and sharing music. Yeah I like his slide down. Gonna be wrkng this tune up for our nursing home gigs.